In the spirit of the opening to Sindey Lumet’s “Dog Day Afternoon”, this treatment sets up a typical morning in the city around the world. The scenes don’t dwell on detail or linger too long. They are mostly mundane and quiet tableaus, but purposeful. They feature a sense of self imposed technological isolation, but that isolation should be more of an understated texture than a feature. Some scenes are serene, others build tension through imagery.

The frames are split and divided, to show a wider overall picture of what is happening on this quiet morning on one side of the frame, and show a detail of the scene in the other. These splits also serve to transition from one scene to the next. The shape of the splits and transitions is based on the letter shapes in the title WORLD WAR Z, specifically reflecting the angle of
the diagonal ligature of the Z, later used to transition to the title art.




Client - Paramount
Agency - Prologue

Designer - Evan Mathis
Creative Director - Evan Mathis