On reflection, every single project that I've worked on offers some solid life lessons upon completion. This shoot for Longmire was no exception. 

Our first shot of the day was a dawn, on a road outside of Santa Fe, NM. Things went well, the actors were happy, the client was happy, the crew was working out well. The PR team had been shooting some behind-the-scenes pictures, and asked Robert Taylor, aka "Sheriff Longmire" to pretend that he was cuffing me and putting me in the back of his police car. The PR lady emailed me the photo as we were preparing for a company move to a location in the mountains about 2 hours away.

I figured my wife would get a kick out of the photo, so as we hit the road in for the next location, I texted her.

I got arrested!

The image of me being stuffed into the car was the next to be sent, with "By Sheriff Longmire, LOL" immediately following the image. But the image took a while to send... What I didn't realize was that this was long enough to drive out of range of data service before either of the next two messages were sent.

Nearly two hours passed, and we came back into cellular range, and a flood of text messages began to arrive.

"Are you OK?"

"Do you need a lawyer?"

"What happened?"

And then the two queued messages finally went out... The picture, and "By Sheriff Longmire, LOL!"  I saw the "someone is typing" graphic begin to animate in the chat window of my iPhone.

Goddamnit. You're in trouble.



Client - A&E
Agency - BPG

Production - Rebel Films
Director - Evan Mathis
Creative Director - Evan Mathis