I’m always up for a new adventure. Sometimes it’s flying off to a strange place to shoot a spot, sometimes it’s trying a new cuisine… In this case the adventure was how to visually evoke an emotional piece of music using a highly technical form of Japanese rope bondage.
My wonderful creative co-conspirators for this project were the band themselves: Anna Bullbrook and Marc Sallis, and when we first spoke about the concept for their song “Come Unwound”, I had hoped to be able to weave a wandering narrative using the art of Kinbaku - Japanese Rope Bondage.

“Great, let’s do it!”

Thankfully, Los Angeles is the home to a fellow that goes by Master K, one of the world’s few living Kinbaku masters. Despite being quite a busy fellow, he wasn’t too tied up to lend a hand.


Client - The Bulls
Agency - Morevisual

Director - Evan Mathis
DP - Helge Gerull