The good folks at LoyalKasper again brought me on to help conceive a fresh look for TNT's original lineup. The central concept to this part of the pitch was to create grand character-centric portraits and cinematic lighting that establish a look that is similar to key art. Bold, graphic portraits of TNT’s characters are at the core of this concept. Star talent is always featured when presenting tune-in or title information. Show specific close up details are featured when revealing the TNT logo. Each show is represented in its own unique two- color scheme. 

The shoot style centers on striking character portraits, brightly lit scenes and complimentary colors for the set dressing and wardrobe. We propose using the environment for the shows where possible, but this style can be used in a studio as well. The scenes would be lit with off axis key lights, and an on camera ring light so that circles of light are visible in the eyes. All shots should be elegantly yet graphically framed with plenty of space for tune in and title.

Part of the challenge was to come up with a unique graphic style that represented TNT's originals in a unique light, and still staying true to their overall brand.


Client - TNT
Agency - LoyalKaspar

Designer - Evan Mathis
Creative Director - Evan Mathis