Another collaboration with the talented folks at Prologue, I was asked to join in for the pitch and presentation of the 2014 Fifa World Cup package for ESPN. We presented an amazing array of concepts collected from the entire group of amazing creatives. These are my contributions to the winning pitch.

"Orisha" is concept was a more graphic take on the World Cup package, Brazil Inspired draws from several sources in Brazilian culture and soccer mythology. The open is a mix of 3d and graphic collage traveling from the rainforest of Brazil into a mystic world where we see some of history's greatest players, from Pele and George Best to Mardona and Rolando and other contemporary players framed as deities of the game.
The graphic tableaus are formed through animated elements that take shape cues from the architectural work of Oscar Niemyer, and the color palette fluctuates to accommodate the  the player's team or country. Each section will feature an animated clip rotoscoped to blend with the graphic space that contains it, and all frames contain elements of Brazilian culture, whether those elements are cultural or natural. The colors are vibrant, and the music would be heavily samba influenced so the animation could easily match the feeling of the music.
The open finishes on a grand vista over one of the host cities, revealing a tune in lock up that is composited into the landscape.

"The heart and Soul of the Game" revolves around the nearly religious following and global adoration of football. What makes football have such wide appeal throughout the world is the elegant simplicity of the game. All you need is a ball; no special equipment beyond that.
This concept visualizes a the passion for the game, starting with the most basic level of play, and building to show the world-wide passion and exuberance for the game. We start with one child and one ball, and each subsequent frame doubles the number of people until we end up with the exponential number of people viewing the most widely watched sporting event in the world.



Client - ESPN
Agency - Prologue

Designer - Evan Mathis
Creative Director - Evan Mathis