Everybody loves to make edgy campaigns; the kind that can cause controversy and get people talking. In fact, it was the crux of the FS1 brand when former ESPN exec Jamie Horowitz took the helm... "Embrace Debate" was his strategy, and he wanted the audience to Pick A Side, which was a great formula for a campaign. So with partners Wieden + Kennedy, we set out to establish the talk programming on FS1 as conversation starters.

"Baby Ballers" where Colin Cowherd and Jayson Whitlock discuss whether or not to pay college athletes.

"Warriors" in which Hall-of-Famer Cris Carter and sports brain Nick Wright discuss the merrits of NBA super teams thinly disguised as Warriors.

"Rushmore" pitting verbal pugalists Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe against each other for the rights to which NFL players deserved to be on the Mt Rushmore of football...


Client - FOX
Agency - Wieden+Kennedy

Director: Noam Murro
Creative Director - Evan Mathis