The US Open is a championship steeped in 117 year of history, and has seen it's share of both legendary play and players. This execution explores the depths of the rich golf history by taking a journey through some of the US Open's greatest moments with some of the most iconic players to ever step up to the tee.



Client: Fox Sports
Creative Director: Evan Mathis

Writer: Evan Mathis
Production: Golden
Agency CD: Jake Banks


2015 was the first year that Fox was to broadcast the US Open at Chamber’s Bay. While golf is usually presented as a staid and quiet game, the objective with “Anthem” was to give this tournament a healthy dose of Fox attitude, and boost a traditionally quiet sport with some rock and roll energy.

An edit was assembled from the most historic and memorable moments in US Open history. To add the spice of the Fox attitude, footage was sourced from some of the most iconic American moments that pop culture has to offer: Elvis Presley, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, Neil Armstrong and John F. Kennedy all cut around the exciting golf action to the driving soundtrack of Grand Funk Railroad’s “American Band”. The script declares that The US Open is “a stage for greatness, where fortune shines on few”, and sets up the idea golf can be the embodiment of American Exceptionalism by shooting for the moon.


Client - FOX
Agency - Internal

Writer - Evan Mathis
Creative Director - Evan Mathis