One part history lesson and one part graphic stylization, this opening title pitch was designed to be an import tuner’s version of a James Bond-style open. Abstract and graphic, but showing glimpses of the earlier stories.

I had imagined this as a mix between a practical shoot of real cars with real projections being reflected in the paint and post with a healthy dose of CG that can achieve what a practical camera can not. The lighting would accentuate highlights in a dark environment, creating clean lines and graphic, dynamic framing to tell some of the history of the franchise. The camera would never be static, always in motion - smoothly drifting along the surface of the vehicles, all while the history of the Fast & Furious franchise was reflected in the car paint.

The one thing you’ll see a lot of on any high-performance car is typography. From name badges to tire marking, gauges to nitrous bottles, warning stickers to die marks on engine parts; there’s a lot to read when you really look at a car.
Intermixed with the projections would be slow camera drifts on different kinds of elements that would usually be
reserved for engine designations or sponsor stickers, we replace those treatments with cast and crew.


Client - Universal
Agency - Prologue

Designer - Evan Mathis
Creative Director - Evan Mathis